Services are back
New Update
Launcher problem fixed
Current Launcher problems
New Launcher Update
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Services are back by Mr.Floppy 30.06.15 21:43:50

one of our server crashed, but we restored all services.

New Update by Aliya 22.06.15 11:11:22

  • Change appereance for archridium
  • New costumes
  • New pets
  • New mercenary
  • New potions
  • Critical rate rune
  • New dungeon - Volcano
  • Chaos Eternity's drops will be re-edited
  • New crafting system (more information after we finish and test)
  • Drops will be increased a bit (becuase of new crafting system)
  • Blended Rune Agent NPC shop will be edited.
  • Costume Hanger -Will be able to use all new costumes.
  • Lamp Lv.4's items will be changed
  • Level 200
  • SP Rate will be increased.

Some updates will take some time.
If we forgot to add anything to this list or if u have any wish about updating Saint Cabal write it down.
Launcher problem fixed by Mr.Floppy 14.06.15 09:47:48

i found out why your launcher didnt work. I uploaded the new launcher (just start the launcher in your folder).

IMPORTANT: If you still have the problem with "Not working..", please download the launcher fix on our website "Downloads". I updated this fix also.

If you still have problems after this, please report us in our technical support forum, so i can take care of your problem. Have a nice Sunday!

Current Launcher problems by Mr.Floppy 11.06.15 07:03:18
startmanager.exe until the problems get fixed!

New Launcher Update by Mr.Floppy 10.06.15 19:54:42
Main Launcher:
- All server related values updating themselfes every 4-5 seconds
- Working "News" tab
- "Status" tab -> Shows you the actual ecoin per 5mins (more following)
- Auto slide function between "News" and "Status"
- Antihack AGB before start

XP Launcher:
- Antihack AGB before start

if something is not working correctly, post me a thread in technical issues :)

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